Asic Miners 2024

Warranty Policy

To ensure shopping safety, buyers of products from agree to our after-sales terms.

These warranty policies include

1. All products come with a manufacturer is warranty for brand new condition.
2. The warranty period is 180-360 days, varying by product.
2.1 The warranty is provided by the manufacturer, subject to their after-sales policy.
2.2 The seller does not offer a warranty.
3. For warranty claims on faulty products within the warranty period, contact the manufacturer directly。
4. The seller will assist the buyer in obtaining repairs/replacements from the manufacturer for defects within 360 days of the warranty start date, at the buyer is expense and risk.
5. No warranty is available for used mining machines.

Exclusions and Limitations

In particular, the Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that the manufacturer will not provide the warranty in this situations:
(1) Normal wear and tear;
(2) Damage resulting from accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, improper handling, or improper installation;
(3) Damage or loss of the Product(s) caused by undue physical or electrical stress, including but not limited to moisture, corrosive environments, high voltage surges, extreme temperatures, shipping, or abnormal working conditions;
(4) Damage or loss of the Product(s) caused by acts of nature including, but not limited to, floods, storms, fires, and earthquakes;
(5) Damage caused by operator error, or non-compliance with instructions as set out in accompanying documentation;
(6) Alterations by persons other than Seller, associated partners, or authorized service facilities;
(7) Product(s), on which the original software has been replaced or modified by persons other than Seller, associated partners, or authorized service facilities
(8) Counterfeit products;
(9) Damage or loss of data due to interoperability with current and/or future versions of the operating system, software, and/or hardware;
(10) Damage or loss