Asic Miners 2024


Revolutionary Liquid

Cooling Data Center


Advanced Cooling Solutions

Improve cooling and lower energy use with latest closed-loop convection cooling tower technology.


Improving miner overclocking stability and efficiency enhances profitability through increased hashrate and reduced downtime under same operating conditions.

Intelligent Operation System

Features intelligent operation via PLC control system and temp/humidity monitoring for adjustments.


Advanced Cooling


Immersion liquid cooling outperforms air cooling with superior heat dissipation, ideal for high temp/humidity environments.


Cooling Tower,

Risk Resistance

Closed-Circuit Counter-Flow Cooling Tower Design Enhances Advanced Cooling.

Contra-flow closed cooling tower enhances cooling efficiency, with high-temp medium & double-cycle modes. Energy efficient, with 0.5% max evaporation rate. Superior performance, environmental protection, safety, and supports multiple cooling mediums.

Energy Efficiency

The contra-flow closed cooling tower can achieve 0.01% (or less) drift rate.

Cooling Efficiency

high-temperature medium cooling and double-cycle cooling modes (a combination of air cooling and liquid cooling)


No High-quality Water Required

Recirculated fresh water sources are suitable, no additional treatment required.

Strong Safety

By using the contra-flow closed tower, not pollute the environment even if the cooling fluid is a volatile, toxic or irritating solution.


Enhances overclocking environment for mining gear, improving stability. Boosts efficiency, increasing profit with same costs (varies by brand/model, refer to experience).

Faster And Cheaper Server Deployment

Liquid cooling cuts server deployment time of comparable capacity mining farm by up to 3 months, reducing construction expenses by up to 50% compared to conventional farms of similar size.

Widespread Compatibility

This solution provides enhanced server capacity, compatibility with major mining brands including Antminer and Avalon and Whatsminer (slot availability may vary by manufacturer and model), and cost savings through higher mining equipment capacity. Traditional air-cooled miners can also be utilized by removing fans and using oil tanks, with the addition of a fan simulator.

Intelligent Cooling Data Center

Intelligent Operation System

PLC-based auto control system improves operation with increased performance and efficiency. Minimizes manual intervention through temperature and humidity monitoring for intelligent adjustments. Enhances server deployment efficiency.

Modular Design

Highly modular design with integrated solution improves scalability and energy efficiency of mining farms through simplified installation.

High Safety Standards

Fireproof materials with low ignition risk used. Emergency evacuation made easier with pushrod lock. Electrical parts meet safety standards set by UL.

List Price

Liquid Cooling
Air Cooling
Product Type Miner Capacity Delivery Date Price
Minerbase L20 Liquid Cooling-U.S.version 120 45 Days US$44,900
Minerbase L20 Liquid Cooling-European version 120 45 Days US$41,000
Minerbase L40 Liquid Cooling-U.S.version 240 45 Days US$85,800
Minerbase L40 Liquid Cooling-European version 240 45 Days US$76,500
Minerbase T20 Liquid Cooling-U.S.version 20 45 Days US$7,300
Minerbase T20 Liquid Cooling-European version 20 45 Days US$6,800

*Antminer S19 is used as the reference model for the calculation of the total number of container slots.

Specifications (L40)

Gross Weight

7830kg Approximately 7.8tons



Gross Dimension (In Millimeters)

About 12000mmx2400mmx2800mm (W x D x H)

Max Oil Temperature (℃)

In 45℃ Out 60℃

Cooling Medium

S3 X(Shell)

Heat Dissipation

Air Cooling Plus Water Cooling

Electricity Demand


Servers Capacity

240pcs (*Antminer S19 is used as the reference model for the calculation of the total number of container slots)

Monitoring Content

LCD Touch Control、Dual-Channel Temp & Humidity Monitor Through Web/APP、Temperature Sensor、 Trouble Lamp

Electrical Code

UL、CE、CSA (Alternative)

Transportation Standard

Certified By China Classification Society

Cooling Medium
Temperature and Humidity Monitor
Cooling Tower
Typical Physical Characteristics


Shell Immersion Cooling Fluid S3 X

Colour (Saybolt)



Density @15℃ kg/m3

ASTM D4052


Flash Point ℃



Pour Point ℃



Kinematic Viscosity @40℃ mm²/s



Kinematic Viscosity @0℃ mm²/s

ASTM D7042


Neutralisation Value mg KOH/g

IEC 62021-1



  • Always use cooling oil specified by the manufacturer of your mining equipment.
  • Make sure that the ambient temperature surrounding the oil tank is lower than the flash point, and keep any sources of heat that are greater than the flash point away from the box.
  • Carefully prevent direct skin contact. In the event of inadvertent contact, wash with soap and water immediately.