Asic Miners 2024





Advanced Air Cooling Capability

Superior cooling system improves A20 & A40 is heat dissipation compared to market peers. Customized, high-performing explosion-proof negative pressure fan included.

Accelerated & Cost-Effective Server Deployment

Reduces server deployment time by up to 3 months and construction expenses by 50% compared to conventional mining farms of similar size.

Lower Cost for Container Slots

Significantly lower average cost per hosting slot.


Superior Air

Cooling Feature

The advanced cooling system makes A20 and A40 have far better heat dissipation when compared to similar products in the market. The customized explosion proof negative pressure fan is powerful and achieves consistent high performance.


Explosion Proof Negative Pressure Fan

The product's advantages include reliable explosion-proof performance, high air volume, minimal noise, and low power consumption. It can be utilized for ventilation in mines, tunnels, container data centers, and other demanding settings.

Model Dimension(mm) Air volume (m³/h) Noise(db) Speed(r/m) Power(w) Rated voltage
1220# About 1220*1220*325 30000 <60 450 750 415V

Faster And Cheaper Server Deployment

Will cut the server deployment time of a conventional mining farm of comparable capacity by up to three months. In addition, the construction expenses can be reduced by as much as 50% when compared to conventional mining farms of the same size.

Lower Cost for Container Slots

Significantly lower average cost per hosting slot.

Widespread Compatibility

Increased server capacity, higher compatibility, and the ability to adapt to Antminer, Avalon, and other prominent miner brands (the number of hosting slots may vary depending on the miner brand/model).

Risk Resistance

Can be easily and quickly relocated when the electricity costs are high or other site problems occur. It minimizes the risks associated with having a permanent mining site.

Intelligent Cooling Data Center

Modular Design

The highly modular design of this system results in improved scalability and energy efficiency of mining farms, with simplified installation and integrated design as added benefits.

Temperature And Humidity Monitoring

This device features a dual-channel Ethernet Temperature & Humidity Recorder with a Swiss-imported, high-precision sensor and backup battery. Data can be automatically uploaded to the cloud platform and alarms can be set based on temperature/humidity limits, battery power, device status, and power supply. Alerts are sent via email and SMS. Access real-time data, alarm logs, historical records and more through the mobile app or website.

High Safety Standards

The materials used are fireproof and have a low risk of ignition. This container has a pushrod lock installed for use in case emergency evacuation is required. The electrical components are designed to UL standards.

List Price

Liquid Cooling
Air Cooling
Product Type Miner Capacity Delivery Date Price
MINERBASE A20 Air Cooling-U.S.version 180 30 Days US$23,900
Minerbase A20 Air Cooling-European version 180 30 Days US$18,500
Minerbase A40 Air Cooling-U.S.version 336 30 Days US$37,000
Minerbase A40 Air Cooling-European version 336 30 Days US$26,200

*Antminer S19 is used as the reference model for the calculation of the total number of container slots.

Specifications (A40)

Gross Weight

Approximately 3.8tons



External Dimension

About 12000mmx2400mmx2800mm (W x D x H)

Internal Dimension

About 11800mmx2300mmx2600mm (W x D x H)


Below 45℃ or 90%RH

Heat Dissipation

Air Cooling

Electricity Demand


Servers Capacity

336pcs (*Antminer S19 is used as the reference model for the calculation of the total number of container slots)

Temp & Humidity Monitoring

Dual-channel Temp & Humidity Monitoring through Web/APP


16pcs (1220*1220*325mm)

Electrical Code


Transportation Standard

Certified By China Classification Society

Vertical Assembly

Up to 2 layers


  • During installation, the product must remain vertical, horizontal degree (±3 degree).
  • If two units are to be stored vertically, the ground must be strengthened to sustain a load of at least 20 tons.
  • A minimum 10t crane is required for loading and unloading.
  • Temperature range is -25°C to 45°C. Operating humidity is less than 90% relative humidity.
  • Once the altitude exceeds 1000m, transformer and switch capacity reductions must be addressed, with an approximate 1% reduction for every 100m increase in height.
  • The ambient operating temperature of items does not correspond to the operating temperature of mining equipment.
  • The data container is outfitted with Three-phase Power Distribution Cabinets, Power Distribution Units, Network Equipment, Server Racks,Exhaust Fans etc. We are happy to provide technical support if additional facilities are needed.