ASIC Miner water cooling system
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  • ASIC Miner water cooling system
  • ASIC Miner water cooling system
  1. ASIC Miner water cooling system
  2. ASIC Miner water cooling system

ASIC Miner water cooling system

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  • Packing weight: 14kg

  • Packing size: 945322CM

  • Power supply: 220v

  • Heat dissipation capacity: 4500W for ASIC products

  • Fan speed: 500-4500 rpm adjustable

  • Power consumption: 0.16W

  • Oil filling capacity: 3L

  • Noise: 20-70


  • Packing weight: 14kg

  • Packing size: 945322CM

  • Power supply: 220v

  • Heat dissipation capacity: 8500W for ASIC products

  • Fan speed: 500-4500 rpm adjustable

  • Power consumption: 0.16W

  • Oil filling capacity: 5L

  • Noise: 20-70


  • Package weight: 17kg

  • Power supply: 220v

  • Packing size: 945322CM

  • Water flow rate: 25L/min

  • Heat dissipation capacity: 12000W for ASIC products

  • Fan speed: 500-6000 rpm adjustable

  • Power consumption: 0.42KW

  • Oil filling capacity: 8L

  • Noise: 20-70

  • can be used as a household heater for heating

Advanced ASIC Miner Water Cooling System: Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability

Introduction: As the demand for cryptocurrency mining continues to rise, ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) miners have become the preferred choice for efficient and high-performance mining operations. However, the intense computational power required for mining also generates significant heat, which can negatively impact the miner's performance and lifespan. To address this challenge, an advanced water cooling system for ASIC miners has emerged as an effective solution. This article explores the concept, advantages, and implementation of ASIC miner water cooling systems.

I. Understanding ASIC Miner Water Cooling Systems: ASIC miner water cooling systems leverage the principles of liquid cooling to dissipate the excessive heat generated during mining operations. Rather than relying solely on air cooling, which can be limited in its capacity to manage heat, water cooling systems utilize a closed-loop configuration that consists of a water block, pump, radiator, and fans. The water block is mounted directly on the ASIC chip, transferring heat to the circulating liquid, which is then cooled by the radiator before being recirculated.

II. Advantages of Water Cooling for ASIC Miners:

  1. Improved Thermal Management: Water cooling offers superior heat dissipation capabilities compared to air cooling, enabling ASIC miners to operate at lower temperatures. This translates to enhanced stability, increased hash rates, and reduced risk of hardware failure.

  2. Energy Efficiency: By maintaining lower operating temperatures, water cooling can significantly reduce power consumption. ASIC miners operating under high temperatures often experience reduced efficiency, resulting in higher energy costs. Water cooling helps mitigate this issue, optimizing energy usage and maximizing mining profitability.

  3. Noise Reduction: Water cooling systems are inherently quieter compared to air-cooled setups. Traditional ASIC miner fans can generate substantial noise levels, which can be disruptive and require additional soundproofing measures. Water cooling eliminates or minimizes fan noise, creating a more comfortable working environment.

  4. Overclocking Potential: Water cooling facilitates better thermal control, enabling more aggressive overclocking of ASIC miners. Higher clock speeds can lead to increased mining performance and potential profitability gains. Water cooling helps maintain stability during overclocking, reducing the risk of overheating and hardware damage.

III. Implementing an ASIC Miner Water Cooling System:

  1. Water Block Installation: Begin by choosing a compatible water block specifically designed for the ASIC miner model. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to securely mount the water block onto the ASIC chip, ensuring proper alignment and sufficient contact for effective heat transfer.

  2. Pump and Radiator Setup: Connect the water block to a dedicated pump, which circulates the cooling liquid through the system. Place a radiator with sufficient cooling capacity in close proximity to the ASIC miner. Ensure proper airflow and consider installing fans for enhanced heat dissipation.

  3. Tubing and Coolant Selection: Employ high-quality tubing to connect the water block, pump, and radiator, ensuring a sealed and leak-proof system. Select a coolant optimized for cooling performance, such as a non-conductive and anti-corrosive solution specifically designed for computer water cooling.

  4. Monitoring and Maintenance: Implement temperature sensors and monitoring software to track the ASIC miner's temperature and performance. Regularly inspect the system for leaks, check coolant levels, and clean the radiator and water block to prevent any clogs or debris accumulation.


The implementation of a water cooling system for ASIC miners offers numerous advantages, including improved thermal management, enhanced energy efficiency, reduced noise levels, and potential for overclocking. By efficiently dissipating heat, these systems can significantly enhance the performance and longevity of ASIC miners. As cryptocurrency mining continues to evolve, adopting advanced cooling solutions like water cooling is becoming increasingly important for optimizing mining operations and ensuring optimal profitability.

Thank you for your interest in our AC45, AC85, and AC120 models. These products are designed to provide efficient and effective heat dissipation for ASIC products, with various capacities to suit different computing power requirements. Here are some of the advantages of our products:

  1. 220V power supply: Our products are designed to be compatible with standard 220V power supply, making them easy to plug and play in most regions.

  2. Mute operation: Our products are designed to operate quietly, ensuring a comfortable working environment without disturbing noise.

  3. Chip cooling: Our products are specifically designed to dissipate heat generated by ASIC products, helping to keep the chips cool and optimize their performance.

  4. Computing power overclocking: Our products are designed to help maximize the computing power of ASIC products, allowing for potential overclocking to achieve higher performance.

  5. Adjustable fan speed: Our products come with adjustable fan speed controls, allowing you to control the air outlet temperature and optimize the cooling performance based on your needs.

  6. Transparent water tank: Our products come with a transparent water tank, allowing you to easily monitor the water level and make adjustments as needed.

  7. High head, large flow, high temperature resistant pump: Our products are equipped with a high-performance pump that can handle high head and large flow rates, making them suitable for various applications, including heating for families, farms, and greenhouse plantations.

We strive to provide high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers. If you have any further questions or need more information about our products, please feel free to contact our customer support team. We are here to assist you.